Frequently Asked Questions
Re: Booking Judy Jacobs:

Q: How do I book Judy Jacobs?
AComplete and submit the online "Booking Request Form". The required fields must be completed before pressing the "Submit" button. As you are aware, there are many details that go into bringing an artist or minister to a city for an event. Please complete the "Booking Request Form" and provide as much information as possible. This will assist us in the initial booking process. Please be aware that this serves as an invitation only, NOT a confirmation of appearance; it will merely assist us in making the best decision possible while doing all we can to meet your requested dates. 
The online application must be received before the request can be properly submitted to our Executive Director.

QWhat does it cost to book Judy Jacobs at my church/venue?
A: The hosting ministry/organization is to provide both travel and hotel accommodations.
Judy Jacobs Ministries request the following travel accommodations:
1. Standard air travel: Typically (2) first-class tickets and (1) coach ticket. If only Pastor Judy and an assistant, then (1) first-class and (1) coach flight ticket.  
2. Hotel accommodations.  

Re: an honorarium, if we are able to accommodate your request, the remaining financial details will be decided upon by our Ministry Director, and will be worked out through our office.

Q. How many people travel with Judy Jacobs?

ATypically, her husband and assistant travels with Pastor Judy. However, the size of the service/conference, and demand of ministry that will be placed upon Pastor Judy, will ultimately determine the number of those accompanying her. 

Q. Would Judy Jacobs come just to sing/lead worship for my church?
A. Pastor Judy’s ministry has evolved over the years from ministering only in song, to singing and preaching. At this time, she is limited in accepting requests for 'Psalmist only' events or services. A typical ministry engagement would include a few songs, but her main focus is on ministering in the Word.  

QIs there a minimum amount of people that have to be in my church for Judy Jacobs to come?

A. Pastor Judy always wants to reach as many people as possible for the Kingdom, however there is not a minimum amount of people required for her to come minister at your church.

QWill Judy Jacobs come to my church for free?

A. As much as she would love to come and be a blessing in that way, there are ministry expenses and overhead costs that must be met each week. If she is able to accept your request, we will do what we can to work within the budget.

Q. Will she preach my entire conference? 

A. Typically, she is available to do 1-2 services, however, there are exceptions. We will review your requested dates via the Online Request Form, and determine if the schedule can accommodate the dates/times needed.

QHow do I know when Judy Jacobs is available?

A. Please check our Online Calendar and see if there is an opening for your event. If you have any questions and/or concerns, please click HERE to contact the office.